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Anyone who answers our phone usually hears one or both of these questions:

When can we schedule this?” and “Why a free screening?

1. Pure and simple, we do not want your money if we cannot help you.

2. We believe you should know who is hypnotizing you. You should feel safe, comfortable and confident about the work we will do together, understanding your possibility for success in the same way we do.

3. We believe many people want change in their lives and we have programs that will accomplish that. We offer you a low risk way to find out if you are the right person for one of those programs.

4. It is difficult to determine if and which program would be effective during a short phone conversation. Therefore, prices are not quoted on the phone.

So call now for your FREE screening. It takes 30 to 45 minutes. It is fun, informative, and we will both know if you are in the right place for you. Do you want to make a change today or delay your possibility to be better?

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Latest News

    • 13 MAR 18
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    Do Our Genes Make Us Look Fat?

    When interviewing a prospective hypnosis client, a weight loss candidate, she commented on she noticed that some of her friends were able to eat large amounts of food, yet remain thin. Her statements included “It seems like when Emma eats; I’m the one who gains weight!”  I also heard her self-criticism,  “I am big-boned.” “I

    • 22 DEC 17
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    Looking For a Positive Change ?

    Looking For a Positive Change ?

    Do you know anyone who is so self-focused that they seem to dwell on all the things that were going wrong in their life? They may not quit talking about their difficulties. Perhaps you wondered what was wrong with that person, their life so out of control that they experienced one crisis after another. They

    • 30 NOV 17
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    Is Your Relationship Solid Enough to Survive the Holidays?

    Is Your Relationship Solid Enough to Survive the Holidays?

    Relationships are not easy at the best of times. During the holidays, however, the pressures can increase even further. Spending time with relatives and estranged families, introducing your new beau to other people in your life, meeting (your partner’s) friends, feeling the financial strain of Christmas shopping, cooking and entertaining like there is no tomorrow.

    • 26 NOV 17
    • 0
    How to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holidays

    How to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holidays

    Many people hope to maintain their current weight during the holidays so that January doesn’t push them into crazy dieting. Here are some insights I’ve found helpful for preventing weight gain over the Christmas season.  Did you know that in the US, half of all annual weight gain happens during the Christmas holidays? Not surprising

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