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  • How to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holidays

    How to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holidays

    Many people hope to maintain their current weight during the holidays so that January doesn’t push them into crazy dieting. Here are some insights I’ve found helpful for preventing weight gain over the Christmas season.  Did you know that in the US, half of all annual weight gain happens during the Christmas holidays? Not surprising

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  • What Effect Does Obesity Have On Our Joints?

    The rate of obesity is continuing to grow in the United States. It affects the length of a hospital stay and medical cost. Differences in the duration of hospitalization may arise due to obese patients are medically more unstable. Still, not all obese patients experience an adverse medical event. But, obesity does increase the risk

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  • Why do I gain weight when I’m stressed?

    Why do I gain weight when I’m stressed?

      When our ancestor, the ‘caveman or woman’, faced periods of famine, hunger was one of the reasons for anxiety. When there was not enough food, their bodies coped with this stress by secreting steroids. The steroids were absorbed by the omentum, a fold of tissue beneath the abdominal muscles.  Even after thousands of years,

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  • The Power of Words

    The Power of Words on Children Last week I met with a teenager for a hypnosis session; she was anxious as she feared there was a change that was about to occur in what was at that moment her home. This young lady had found out there was probably an ensuing divorce between her parents. So

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