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  • Your Pre-Existing Condition

    Your Pre-Existing Condition

    You have probably read about the new House bill. It reads, “those with lapses in insurance cannot be denied coverage.” However, they can be charged more starting in 2019.

    If you do not already have a Pre-Existing Condition, one way to reduce your future insurance costs is to decrease your chance of attaining one. To decrease the incidence of obtaining a Pre-Existing condition, begin now to get something new into your mind. Improve your health by changing your response to judgments. The impact of an actual perceived stress can affect your personal judgement. When you are required to process massive amounts of information immediately such as listening to the news or being in a chaotic meeting with one person or many, it can produce incomplete or faulty judgments.

    Even short-term stress has a negative impact on your judgement and decision-making abilities that result in inappropriate answers. Erroneous decisions are caused by emotional reactions similar to a sudden judgments or responses based on gut feeling. These attributes are similar to that of small children who act in response to challenges they do not understand with an emotional reaction, rather than a logical approach.

    When the body experiences stress, your muscles tense up. Tension is the body’s way to protect itself from physical, mental and emotional discomfort. If muscles are sporadically stretched and relaxed while guarding the body, this can generate stress-related conditions. Intermittent, chronic tension in the shoulders, neck, and forehead can initiate or increase the excruciating characteristics of a migraine attack. Stress also can make your breathing more difficult and irregular. If you are someone with asthma or any respiratory deficits, normal breathing can be difficult impairing your body’s inability to keep oxygenated. The mention of unexpected bad news can actually trigger a respiratory attack, initiate hyperventilation and even start a panic attack in those who susceptible.

    Your heart and blood vessels work together delivering nourishment and oxygen to all organs and systems of the body. The activity of your circulatory and nervous systems manage the body’s short-term response to stress –like when you slam on your brakes to avoid another car in your path, attempt to meet a deadline or listen to news that negatively can affect you. Reacting to stress within your body increases hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol which act as messengers for unexpected events. Excess amounts of hormones in the blood cause your heart rate to increase with powerful contractions. In addition, blood vessels directing blood to the muscles of the body and the heart widen so the blood flow to these various parts of the body is increased. As a result, blood pressure elevates.

    Once these stressful occurrences have subsided, the body’s systems return to their usual steady state. Continuous stress over an extended period of time can provoke long-term problems not only for the heart, but the vessels throughout our entire body. A consistent increase of hormones in the blood, plus an increase of heart rate and blood pressure can seriously upset the whole body. Long term stress increases your risk of heart attack, hypertension and even a stroke.

    How can you decrease the stressors in your life and lessen the occurrences of illnesses that may become Pre-Existing Conditions? You can focus. Allow a professional such as hypnotherapist to assist you. Find how to change your focus from the negatives of the past to a positive present and find yourself experiencing a better future. Sometimes our lives do need attention. Using specific strategies can improve your thought processes, enhance your ability for relaxation and be healthier. Do not allow your judgments to become a Pre-Existing Conditions.

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