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  • Is Hypnosis An Effective Treatment?

    Is Hypnosis An Effective Treatment?


    Hypnosis can be used effectively to treat a range of health conditions. My initial experiences with dermatological and gastrointestinal patients had good results, as the skin and intestinal tract are areas of the body where stress is commonly conveyed. I have also observed an effective response to hypnosis when assisting patients with weight loss and maintenance using multiple techniques to reinforce motivation, self-discipline and willpower. Hypnosis assists in modifying behaviors and attitudes about the way an individual eats, their physical activity, how they shop for food and even dine out.

    Suggestions offered to the subconscious mind during a hypnotic trance can remove psychological obstacles and strengthen the ego, in addition to encouraging positive modifications of body image, metabolism and maintaining a consistent weight.

    One study assessed the effectiveness of adding hypnosis to a weight-management program to modify short- and long-term weight management. 109 subjects, ages seventeen to sixty seven, were involved in a behavioral treatment program either with or without the use of hypnosis. At the completion of the 9-week program, both techniques had assisted in weight loss. Despite this finding, at the 8-month and 2-year follow-ups, the hypnosis clients demonstrated further substantial weight loss, while those in the behavioral treatment alone demonstrated minimal change. Many of the subjects who used hypnosis also attained and maintained their personal weight goals. Hypnosis showed effectiveness as an adjunct to a behavioral weight-management program.

    In addition to these uses, I have used hypnosis to assist with decreasing chronic pain, diminishing adverse effects of chemotherapy including nausea and vomiting, counteracting anxiety and sleep difficulties, lowering elevated blood pressures and reducing the inflammation in a burn patient.



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