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  • Can You Transition Your Life Through Transforming Your Handwriting?

    Can You Transition Your Life Through Transforming Your Handwriting?

    When we make modifications to our handwriting, we are creating suggestions to ourselves to change our mindset. These suggestions can enhance our relationships, present us the catalyst to produce more or face our uncertainties with more certainty while introducing ourselves to the best within us.

    When we are feeling loved, experiencing ill health or modifying the course of our life, our perspective transforms and one outcome is our handwriting patterns are transformed.

    Among all the unique characteristics of a human being, handwriting carries the richest information to gain the insights into the physical, mental and emotional state of the writer.

    Graphology is the art of studying and analyzing handwriting, a scientific method used to determine a person’s personality by evaluating various features from the handwriting. The prime features of handwriting such as the page margins, the slant of the alphabets, the baseline etc. can tell a lot about the individual. To make this method more efficient and reliable,


    Handwriting also termed as brain-writing is a useful measure in identifying the characteristic personality traits of an individual. Handwriting analysts can examine an individual’s handwriting to predict the personality traits of the writer. Handwriting analysis can be used to examine personal traits of candidates during interviews accurately as the accuracy of an analyst highly depends on his skill set.

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  • Venue : 2875 Milwaukee Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062
  • Presenter : Steve Cohen RN MSN CRNI CH