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1:00 PM
  • How to start to start your practice

    What are you putting off right now?

    Should you be getting on with starting your business? Writing business plan? Networking? Making a list of who can assist you? Or working on another project that is important to you? Are you saying to yourself ‘I will do it later. There’s plenty of time!’ But time has a nasty habit of running out, and might leave you scrabbling around to get it done at the last minute or even starting it.

    Not doing it now means not doing it well

    And when you leave things until the threat of a looming deadline terrifies you into action, you have to admit that the results of the last minute rush are rarely the best that you’re capable of. How could they be? When you are under a threat, your brain doesn’t work very well, and nor do your hands and fingers. It’s no wonder that you will often feel quite disappointed at the end of today, tomorrow and the next day.

    The truth about motivation and procrastination

    So why do we leave things to wait? Is there something lacking in our motivation? This is the most common explanation that people give, and you have probably thought it clarifies your own difficulty with getting the initiation of  your practice in a timely manner. But think about it for a moment; you will find that there are things that you ‘feel like’ doing, so it can’t be true that you just ‘lack motivation’.

    The key does not lie in motivation as such, but improvisation. You do something when it feels important to get it done. This is quite different from knowing in your head what is important (like filing your tax return). It’s an emotional feeling. It’s our emotions which drive us into action.

    Learn to use both your conscious and subconscious minds using emotions in getting things done

    Understand how to use your unconscious and emotional programming including reprogramming it

    Learn why self-hypnosis is a powerful tool for helping yourself to do it now


    So “Do it now! and use the power of hypnosis to access unconscious processes and mold them in positive directions.



  • Venue :181 Boston Post Royal West; Marlborough, Ma 0752
  • Presenter : Steve Cohen