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December 10, 2016

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Transition Your Life Through Transforming Your Handwriting

    Transition Your Life Through Transforming Your Handwriting

     Why would anyone be concerned about handwriting? It may be because our handwriting shows a distinctive individuality like a fingerprint. Most of us learn how to write at a young age in a fairly consistent manner by copying examples of letters and words. Many of these writing habits carry over to our adult years.

    However, over the years, the knowledge of how to write becomes more subconscious, and we each develop unique nuances in our writing that differentiates one person’s handwriting from another’s. The way we write becomes quite difficult to disguise.

    Many scientists believe that we are born with a given intelligence level and that, while it can be enhanced or diminished by our environment, we are basically born with that innate fixed IQ. Many people believe we are also born with innate aptitudes and with an innate temperament.

    In addition, our identity is also fixed, which is why we can recognize our own handwriting from any other. For example, if I hid your writing.in a hundred samples of other people’s writing and asked you to find the one you wrote, no matter when you wrote the sample, no matter what the slant, size, or look of your particular you could pick· it out from the pile. That’s because, although your moods may change, part of your writing always stays the same, just as part of you always remains the same.

    Join us and learn to characterize your own handwriting as well as understanding the handwriting of others through various points of analysis.

    You will begin to identify samples using the following criteria: Line quality; Spacing of words and letters; Zones, Margins, Slants, and Pressure.

    Workshop Fee $50.00

  • Venue :26 N Park Ave, Lombard, IL 60148
  • Presenter : Steve Cohen RN MSN CRNI CH